Kaplicky Adjusted Blob Size

In the partially adjusted design there is a slight change, Kaplicky announced the little piece of ground which was a problem for the City Hall won’t be used. “Our project team found a new solution, which will able the library realization on Prague Letna, on the place intended for it, and do so without change in the ground plan.” Said Jan Kaplicky in his declaration.

Meanwhile, the other declaration is still waited for – the politicians should simply say, there will be no Blob, because they just don’t like it. The Leader of Czech Anti-monopol Office Pecina repeatedly announced he won’t be the one who looks uncultured and he resist pressure to forbid Blob, when there is no reasonable problem with it.

Knizak, the leader of Czech National Gallery, who is presently asked by a petition signed by 50 000 to resign, came with a new solution – to get around the international contest, by not building a new library, but reconstructing another building. Taking the fact he is a Klaus’ good friend into consideration, this might be very well the end of Blob in Prague.