Irglova with Hansard in June in Prague

Prague will host the Oscar duo Marketa Irglova and Glen Hansard for the first time since the February Oscar awards. Czech songress will perform with her Irish partner 8th June in the Archa theatre.

Irglova and Hansard have chosen Irish musicians from Hansard’s music group to accompany them at their concert. During the evening there should also be heard songs from the older album Swell Season, not just the well-known soundtrack to the film Once. Irish Liam Ó Maonlaí will play before them.

At the present moment, these two are touring the USA, their concerts are usually sold out. Than they move to Europe. They will play for the Germans, Spanish or British. In the half of June, they are coming back to the states, just before the holidays, they want to perform at British Glastonbury Festival.