The Blob Library has many foundation stones already.

It resembles the times of ‘the Czech National Renaissance’; at the corridors of Prague Klementinum, the present seat of the National Library, are foundation stones everywhere. This time, though, they are not intended for the National Theatre, but for the Blob library building.

Another stone arrived a few days ago – it was given to the Library by the Czech Esperanto society, and it has a sign in Czech and Esperanto as well. A stone from Rip or from Blanik hill is not missing. But there are also unusual stones coming; a basket of eggs (a reminder eggs were used for building of the Charles Bridge) there are also Stoneage fling or a unique Baroque brick, coming from Berlin print work.

The first stones came to the library in 2006, and they have been coming ever since. Klementinum will so soon have to solve the problem, where to put them, as they already have problems with space. They need Blob especially because lack of space. Source: MF Dnes