Jezek to Bem: Solve the Blob matter Already

The director of the National library Vlastimil Jezek appealed on the Prague Mayor, Pavel Bem, Prague should finally sell the grounds, on which the Blob was supposed to stand, on Prague Letna. Jezek refers to two years old decree of the deputies, where Prague pledges to sell acres worth 31,5 milion czk to the Library. However, it is all conditioned the Library will submit building licence.

Due to continuing and increasing obstructions, that are put to the way of the Blob, the Library cannot gain the licence, and Jezek appeals for prolonging of the deadline to 2011. “Time is our enemy” he reasons the appeal; “Without new spaces, the library is going to collapse after 2015.”

What will happen is still obscure. The contest was, according to various institution regular. According to Jezek, there are no factual problems, the only obstacles are some influential politicians, trying to prevent the new library from being build. Source: