Kerndlova fights for the finals of Eurovision

The crucial three minutes on the stage of Belgrade arena awaits Tereza Kerndlova, the Czech representative in the international Eurovision Song Contest. At 9 pm at the capital city of Serbia the second semifinal round starts of the 53rs volume; in the Czech Republic, CT1 television is going to broadcast it live. If Kerndlova will succeed, she moves on to the Saturday finals. The first semi-finals took place on Thursday. The future fate of Kerndlova in the competition will be decided by TV viewers of the whole Europe – voting starts at the last 15 minutes of the live broadcast.

Kerndlova’s number, where you can cast your votes is 906 09 09 for sms, it is possible to call, at number 906 09 50 22, both the sms and phone call cost 9 czk. Kerndlova’s greatest rivals are Ani Lorak from Ukraine and Charlotte Perelli from Sweden. She is expected to score high, as she won Eurovision in 1999 already.