Eurosong: Czechs Out

kerndlova before the competition The expected development of the evening was that Czech Martina Kerndlova won’t go on to the finals, and such was the conclusion. Those who heard her sing know it – her music might work as a dance background at a small disco, but she is not a real singer. Since the competition is based on life performance, and since Kerndlova is not able to sing the simplest melody clear, the outcome was known before the competition even started.

The thing, her manager and husband probably tries not to think about is that to show large part of one’s body on the stage is not value added, but a standard. To have a short skirt matching with underwear can be kinky, but all the pop singers do it, so nothing special. So we have an average disco song + really bad singing + go go dancing = loss in Eurosong. On the other hand, nobody probably minds, because the Eurosong was full of similar creatures, one like another singing karaoke.

The only one whom I pity is Kerndlova’s father – the famous jazz multi-instrumentalist and an owner of absolute pitch must have suffered hard when listening to her out-of-tune singing. I expect not many other musically educated people went through watching the contest – averages in music and style was the leitmotif or the evening, and most of contestants showed no talent and/or innovation.



  1. cd said, Jun 4, 10:15 AM #

    hey if you don’t publish comments, remove this comment form. this annoying and make your site less valuable. This goes way against the blogging spirit.

  2. Elen said, Jun 4, 02:18 PM #

    Hey cd,
    The reason why I didn’t publish your comment, which is: “hi it would be useful if you includes date, time and link to event site. thanks” is that the date and time are almost always published right on this page. The Marionette festival you comment on is a tricky one – you have no idea how hard it was to gain at least those information I posted, because the organizers were very stingy with any information at all.

    And if you think I lack blogging spirit, well, I can’t do very much about that, I am too busy writing 7 posts a day ;)