Cunek looking for a billion for Blob

Blob Into the never-ending Blob fraud among the ODS and the National Library entered a new subject, the KDU-CSL, the Christian Democratic Union – Czechoslovak People’s Party. Their leader Jiri Cunek said for Pravo on Tuesday, he personally wants to fight to get money for the building.

He said he supports Blob, because “… I think it is remarkable architecture, which would give Prague, that needs the National Library anyway, more shine.” According to him, the ministry of culture has 1,9 billion czk for the construction and to get another billion would be enough to start negotiations with the municipal council.

The question remains, whether to get a billion czk would help to get the building across. What is for certain, that to support Blob means for the members of People’s party to provoke the ODS and the president against them.