The Prague main Train Station Hlavni Nadrazi may not be accessible

In June, some of the trains going to the Main Train Station Hlavni Nadrazi in Prague are not going to stop there, due to the continuing reconstruction works. The platforms are being modernized, new trolley linking being established, the tracks are rearranged, and the close tunnel to Smichov repaired, such are the reasons given by the Czech Railways.

The first stage of reconstruction, which started in January, has been brought to finish – the luxurious boutique Sasch opened, soon followed by Neo-Luxor bookshop. The second stage has been started, which means half of the entrance hall is closed again. There should be 3 000 m2 commercial areas.

So during June, July, August and September, if the train which was supposed to stop at Hlavni Nadrazi stops at somewhere else in Prague, it is normal.