Paroubek's wife Prepares National collection for Blob

petra-paroubkova-photo-by-impuls It should be a similar event, like when the Czechs in 19th century collected money, under the slogan ‘Nation for Itself’, and built the National Theatre. The idea came from a meeting of Jan Kaplicky, with his wife, and Jiri Paroubek, the leader of CSSD and his wife, Petra Paroubkova. They are considering to make a ‘Blob supportive project’.

The total price of Blob is estimated at three billions czk, which means the collection pool would need every Czech, including the newborn, to donate 300 czk, to finance the building completely. But Paroubkova seems to don’t mind, as she states it would be more like a manifest of solidarity with the project.

“Supermarkets are built here without any troubles. If they would look like Sellfridges in Birmingham by Kaplicky, everything would be fine. But there are no new buildings, which could carry the cultural heritage on.” Paroubkova explained for MF Dnes.