Prague Zoo in search of young female elephant

A young female elephant is really a scarce commodity. The director of the Prague Zoo, Petr Fejk tries to get one, but – there are none.

“Prague Zoo makes a new elephant pavilion next year, designed for ten animals. But at the time, we only have one male and two females, who are now quite old and can’t have the young ones.” Fejk explains, why they are looking for those animals.

“We first looked for females in European Zoos, but they don’t have any free Indian elephants there.” Petr Fejk sighs. “During the last thirty years, the elephant population in Europe have grown old. Wee need to check Asian Zoos and elephant farms, but we don’t have enough contacts.”

If they would be successful, and breed a baby elephant, they would be the first zoological garden in the Czech Republic, that have achieved that. But that wouldn’t be too unusual – they are the first zoo in many respects. Source: MF