Czechs Refused Palach Statue

present palach memorial at wenceslas square The President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy prepared a big gift on the occasion of his visit on the next Monday – 3,5 metre tall statue of Jan Palach. Prague however refused it: the representatives think the statue made in France should stay in France. The problem only moves – they didn’t get get very excited the huge statue representing Jan Palach burning should stay in France either.

However, the French government took it easy and some information leaked that Sarkozy prepared a more modest gift for Mirek Topolanek, maybe a painting. Jan Palach already has a memorial, little, but skillfully crafted. Pavel Fisher, the ambassador of the CR in France commented we “… touch history of French politics. A lot of them have been in 1968 among Trockists and so were basically against Palach”

Where it could end up? Maybe in Dijon, as the Czech Republic keeps close relations with it since the First Republic. But it may happen, the burning statue would be put in depositionary, as it could distract any place it would be put in.