Josh Wink's Prague concert getting nearer

On Friday 20th June, Mecca welcomes one of the all time greats of underground electronic music. That man is the legendary Josh Wink. Since his groundbreaking record ‘Higher States of Consciousness’ bought chaos to our dancefloor many moons ago and started a career of the king of acid house.

“Some people get pigeonholed as being into just one thing,” Wink remarks. “I hate that. When there are rules, it doesn’t become art, and it’s not fun. I’ve learned that you can’t please everybody, so I’d rather be concerned with making good art, and the people that like this art will stick with you.”

Over the past fifteen years Josh Wink has always ran ahead of the pack, as a DJ, label owner, producer, remixer, and artist. With a career that boasts numerous magazine covers, chart topping singles, sold out DJ gigs and collaborations with such A-list artists as Radiohead, Sting and Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), Philly-bred Josh Wink has grown into one of the Americas most revered and respected electronic music artists.

You don’t want to miss this party! Friday 20th June 2008, in one of the best Prague Club Mecca, the unique concert of Josh Wink! be prepared to see a true legend in action.