Yesterday Prague Transport Employees Strike

Why to demonstrate? The deputies of union of Prague Public transport company don’t like the state-owned company doesn’t reflect increasing prices of goods and services on salaries. They decided to show their dissatisfaction by blocking Jecna street, which is a very centre-located expressway, where about 60 000 cars pass daily. They used packs of straw for stopping the traffic from 1 to 2 pm yesterday.

The strike of drivers included tramways stopping at the station, but the Prague Public transport company was prepared for it; they had back-up drivers prepared and just replaced those who didn’t wanted to continue, so in the end only seven tramways stopped, or they moved dead slow. The bus drivers were more successful, as about 200 buses stopped at stations.

Taxi drivers also joined the strike, but compared to the state transport company workers they caused not just dismay, but also disgust. They demanded cancellation of limits for charges, so they could go deeper into being an abomination. They blocked the road to the Airport and refused to take customers in. Hopefully, their demands won’t be listened to, prior to helping those who need it – the state employees who really have something to complain about.