Czech Golf Player Kordova didn't get her 43 000$ but still is a miracle

Because she is so young! Just Fifteen years old sportsgirl Jessica Kordova, the daughter of the ex-tennis-player player Petr Korda have chosen golf when she was eight. This Sunday, she was 19th in the US Open, the best position a Czech player got to. Her father, who once won the Australian Open, is surely proud of her, she now holds one of the best successes of the Czech golf.

On Sunday, she got those 18 holes in 69 shots. Ochoa than went to congratulate her, and she also said she hopes they meet again on the Tour in a few years. But there is one condition – Kordova would have to go professional, and that won’t be very soon as she still goes to school. Also – if she were a professional, she would earn 43 000$ for 19th place – as an amateur she didn’t get anything. What she says is more important she automatically proceeds to US Open of 2009, where she will be one year more experienced.