Never-ending painting in Manes Gallery

a fragment of neverending painting Antonin Stiburek returns to Manes after 36 years. This 66 yo legend, who once was a student of Arnost Paderlik, returns to show, why he gained seven various individual prizes of the World Art Triennale in Osaca.

The name of the Exhibition, Nekonecny Obraz (The Neverending Painting) indicates, what is going to be seen there. That is the author’s life work, the two metre tall canvases which individual pieces use – apart from classical painting – combined techniques, like ceramics reliefs, or even originals made from egg shells.

In Manes, it is possible to see a part of the Neverending painting, 54 pages to be specific. The total is made of 86 component pieces and it is longer 130 metres. Manes Gallery, Masarykovo nabrezi.