Who is Martin Bursik?

Martin Bursík (born 1959 in Prague) is a Czech politician and the current chairman of the Czech Green Party (Strana zelených).

In the 1980s Bursík studied environmental engineering at the Charles University in Prague. In June 1989, he joined the dissident movement and signed the declaration of the anti-Communist movement. During the Velvet Revolution in November of that year, he was one of the founders of the Civic Forum (OF).

Martin Bursik Bursik has concentrated on protecting the environment since his studies in the later 1980s. He was in charge of ecological questions on the Prague municipality and in 1998, he was appointed Minister of Environment for the first time, in Josef Tosovsky’s caretaker government, which lasted for several months. Those days he was in Christian Democratic Party, which he left in 2003 and joined the Green Party. He became a chairman of the latter in 2005 after the party undergone several shifts in direction and was in a state of chaos. If nothing else, he managed to put it back into one piece and led it towards a successful election.

Educated, well- spoken and capable of intelligent debate, he seems to resemble western professional politicians rather than the rather arrogant brutes which tend to dominate our politics. His eco- policies are mostly moderate and decidedly non-idealist, focusing on efficiency and incentives instead of interventions. Read on about Martin Bursik

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