Prague Zoo plans: One of the best to become even Better

us seal show If you like Zoos in general, the Prague one is renowned enough to be liked, but the golden era is not going to last forever, and the manager Petr Fejk is very aware of the fact. His plans for future enhancement of the Zoo are quite extraordinary for such a small country the Czech Republic is. Judge for yourself – to make a seal pool in the American style, with platforms and performances few times a day. Expect no circus – the performances start from the idea animals should move naturally, and should enjoy it in the first place. The future trainers will be send directly to the USA, to learn from the masters.

Fejk also came with the idea of letting people into the new huge parrot aviary that should be finished next year; if it will work, that would become an integral part of the Zoo. Another news will be the planed lookout tower, and not an ordinary one – it is going to be a replica of the over a hundred years old wooden lookout tower of Jizerske hory. The list of goodies ends with a sweetshop, which is to be placed in a newly reconstructed historical cabin in the Zoo.