Art Phone = Phone boots with an attitude

gamekeeper’s lodge phonebox still in atelier Walking around summer Kampa Park, a walk-by’s interest focuses on strange objects, resembling phone boots from distance, as the skelet is of the same dimension. There is seventeen of them and they are a part of the exhibition called Art phone, supporting Linka Bezpeci – telephone line for kids and teens in hard life situations alias Safety Line Association

Starting and renown artists participated on creating the boxes, which will be exhibited in the streets until 25th August. At the same time, there is the Internet auction where are these sold.

One of the boxes is a charity object by itself, as its design includes a huge moneybox. After the exhibition ends, it will serve on, placed in O2 Arena. The boxes, who more or less changed their face, are more than anything else unusual artifacts. The most significant is a booth close to John Lennon’s wall, that changed into a gamekeeper’s lodge. With antlers, incased with wood. Or a box called Ecological with compost, or Cushiony, focused on interior comfort.