The Blob library will be build after the elections, Paroubek promised to Kaplicky

it may be build after all The leader of CSSD Jiri Paroubek surprisingly offered cooperation to Kaplicky. Kaplicky accepted and he will become the new Paroubek’s advisor for culture. According to the architect, their cooperation will help the never-ending discussion about the National Library construction, and also modern architecture as a whole.

According to Kaplicky, Parouber’s words were the first positive ones about the library he has heard in the last 14 months. Paroubek promised to find up to four billions czk in the state treasury.

“I don’t want to be a bad prophet, but you will probably have to wait for us, mister architect” said Paroubek, and Kapilcky agreed with him. From the moment President Klaus stood against the building, there was no chance it would be build, when ODS is the ruling party.

An interesting remark at the end: At the beginning, Paroubek didn’t care about the library. He started to be an advocate in the moment, Klaus stood in it – and as Paroubek got married again to a very attractive young translator with art feeling, who even started to raise a fund for the library, he became a men who is really into defending the Blob.

Recent pool demonstrated CSSD is probably going to win the next elections. They are going to be in three months.