Test: Klaus is politician with best public speaking

Westminster company tested, with help of language experts, the language abilities of Czech politicians. They evaluated their public speech dignity, quality, and coherence. Who is the winner? The president Vaclav Klaus gained very nice marks, his average is 2,08. What he only got criticized for is his famous repetition, his overall speech abilities are aristocratic.

The Prague Mayor Pavel Bem wasn’t bad, he gained the mark of 2,64. The person that ended up last was Jiri Cunek, the leader of KDU-CSL, who was evaluated as hopeless. For example, when he was explaining to news reporters, why he had two same id cards, the whole room was laughing. And not with him.

The prime minister Topolanek didn’t get good score either – 4,08 is the mark for a government leader, who sometimes falls into a loop and cannot find a way out.



  1. public speaking tips said, Jul 30, 01:16 PM #

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