O2 Sazavafest 2008 - summer open-air festival

From original one day event in 2001 with one stage and 1800 people capacity of the area Sazavafest progressively became a prestigious multicultural festival for more then 20 000 people with 4 days programme on up to 6 stages. The interest in the festival grows every year which is a big challenge and big commitment at the same time for the promoters.

Festival’s dramaturgy has a definite target to build a multicultural festival with dominant role of music, which is not afraid of variety and on the contrary bets on multigenres.

MULTICULTURAL: music, theatre, film, author’s reading, photo and art exhibitions
MULTIGENRES: world music, rock, pop, reggae,ska, jazz, blues, dance, hip hop

SazavaFest offers every year the best from the home scene, brings interesting musicians from abroad but at the same time gives space to interesting young bands and projects. Since 2005 SazavaFest is not only one summer open-air event, but yearlong network of logically consequent events: Jarni SazavaFest, Bitvy o SazavaFest, letní SazavaFest a Klubobrani alias autumn SazavaFest.

The Festival Takes Place From 31st July to 2nd August in Kacov, Czech Republic. For more information, read on


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