Another Prague Ferry Finally Put on Vltava

ferry in prague Another ferries start to go to and fro Vltava river in Prague. After long waiting and planning, two new routes were finally put into service. They are called Privoz P4 and Privoz P5 and they should make travelling in Prague faster. Those who simply want to get from one bank to another don’t have to change trains, ferry going from Jiraskovo namesti to Cisarska louka makes it in 15 minutes the second one goes from Smetanovo nabrezi to Detsky ostrov, and it takes no more than 5 minutes.

These two new lines open now, and are opened until 31st October. Capacity at the first ship is about 50 people, on the second one it is 20, as it goes more often.

The other ferries go from Sedlce to Zamky, together with the one from Podbaba to Podhori go on historically proven routes from the past centuries, the other goes to the sport and relax center Zlute Lazne from Lihovar.