The card of Prague citizen makes another step

The Universal card of a Prague citizen called Opencard finds more users every day. Up to now, the card could have been used as a library card in 33 Prague City libraries, and as a pay card for parking in Prague. The Card of Prague citizen expands its functions; since now, it works as a prepaid coupon for Prague Public Transport, too.

The card is gained for free – it is only necessary to come for it the Adria palace in Jungman street. When someone wants to buy a year coupon for public transport, using the Prague citizen’s card makes it 475 czk cheaper.

This august, the Prague citizen card can be used as a public transport pass, it is possible to use it as a payment device for parking machines, in the next year, maybe as a mean of paying. The idea is that one day, it should work as a regular credit card, but there is still a long way to go.