Klaus Celebrates – European Commission against new National Library

After a long year, when the right-wing politicians led by Vaclav Klaus looked for a slight chance to definitely kill the winning design of the new Czech National Library, they can finally celebrate – the new ‘Blob’ library was found ajar the law by the European Commission. That impugns the international contest, and gives the ODS a tool to finally get rid of the post-modern architect Kaplicky.

The battle of Blob have never been, and will never be, a battle for better Prague, it was a political battle from the very beginning. The Blob library is a modern project which won world contest, and Klaus as a skeptic chosen this building as a means for drawing medial attention to himself. The following merry-go-round turns until now, the opposition leader Jiri Paroubek made Kaplicky his cultural advisor, just to make it clear the thing is political matter indeed.

What is going to be the output of the matter? There are three possible scenarios. 1St – the ODS wins elections – Blob will be build in Brno. 2Nd – the CSSD wins the elections – the Blob will be build as it won the international contest. 3rd Kaplicky gets frustrated and builds it somewhere they want is, e.g. in Edinburgh.