Kaplicky Introduces New Environmental Building

Ceske Budejovice witnessed the architect Jan Kaplicky to reveal his new design. As usually, the concept returns to the nature and learns from its shapes; As Kaplicky says, “we are not made of boxes either”. The new concert hall is very organic in shape, the image of sea devil comes in mind, especially from the side view, with an entrance where an eye usually is. The construction should be black from the outside, the inside is designed in large scale of colours.

Why black? The orchestra is dressed in black as well, and the audience is also expected to come dressed up, so they will directly match, also it is the colour of dignity, which increases interactivity. Its surface is designed to be from glass, which lasts hundreds of years without change.

The building could add much prestige to Ceske Budejovice, located between Prague and Vienna. Now there are only two remaining factors – the EU Funds are needed to give an amount of about 42 millions €, and also the president Vaclav Klaus is needed to stay silent this time, not to boycott it as the Blob. Pictures of the Sea Devil are here.


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