Vaclav Klaus and Georgia

Vaclav Klaus’ opinions about Georgia are well-known, a clear mutual understatement took place among him and Czech communists, he was also complimented by Raúl Castro. Wait a moment. Klaus has the same opinions as the communist party? There is something weird. The situation can be explained in three ways:

1. Klaus have reached the age where the difference between right and wrong stir, and senility took over his actions.

2. Klaus likes authoritative leaders and likes to imagine himself as one of them. Also, regular democratic leaders of free countries do not take him seriously.

3. Klaus simply disagrees with general opinion, only to get publicity. If the government stood behind Russia, he would call for help for Georgia.

What goes on in Klaus’ mind is hard to tell. So you decide for yourself, what is the most probable option.

Of course, the reasons for the conflict are very complicated. Saakashvili clearly made fatal mistakes, but Russia militia crossed borders of other state, which equals occupation. Also, it is strange how well was Russia prepared for the invasion.