Blob Library: The Leading Advocate Frozen Out

The minister of culture have recalled the leader of the National Library Vlastimil Jezek because of the battles around the Kaplicky’s Design.

Who stands among Klaus and his goals will be shifted aside. Such can be the explanation of why was Jezek recalled from day to day, by a call to his cell phone. The winning design of the National Library ‘Blob’ became fatal for his career.

Vlastimil Jezek made a miscalculation when he thought he won’t be called off his function. With him leaving, the ‘Blob’ project ends for now. The National Library have wasted at least 30 mil czk for the international contest and payments around the project.

Kaplicky can hope for next elections, because CSSD leader Paroubek promised him to build the Blob for Prague. If the elections will mean loss for the ODS, Jezek may come back too.



  1. maryam said, Oct 12, 04:49 PM #

    this liberery is verey nice