New National Library Leader Supports Kaplicky's Blob

The leader of the National Library was recalled from political reasons from his post. He was replaced by his former deputy Pavel Hazuka. Hazuka immediately surprised by continuing in the road which cost Jezek his post; Hazuka looks for a piece of land to build the Blob on.

Hazuka sees the design of Blob as unique. So the story of Blob is not over by far, as the opposers hoped. They didn’t help anything by recalling Jezek, his successor belongs to the group witch respects the international contest more than the old men on the Castle.

Hazuka have also seen the first private location, which was offered to be the ‘Blob territory’. The place is in Prague, however its location is kept secret, and so is the new strategy, which the National Library team plans. The problem is, the Prague ODS have already achieved the international contest was (on the second shot) pronounced illegal.