Save your money, sleep in hostels in Prague

Price for accommodation in Prague is still rising up, although number of tourists are getting down this year. So this expense will be probably the main item on your travel budget. The wise choosing of your resting place in Prague can save loads of money which you can spend on more supreme Prague attractions.

So, how can you save money in Prague? Sleep in a hostel!
Stay at a hostel instead of luxury hotel make a sense if you plan to use it just for overnight and you will spend there just a few hours mainly in night time. It is wise to choose one of the hostels in Prague instead of room at an expensive hotel with unneeded services that you will never use.

What is the main difference between Prague hostels and hotels? Do you think that hostels offer only an accommodation in more bedded rooms with common bathrooms and toilets? The answer is No. There is a lot of hostels in Prague where you can get a double or a triple room even with private bathroom and toilet. Of course, they are little bit more costly then rooms with common bathroom but it is still great value of money. The rooms in hostels are sometimes smaller than hotel rooms, mostly with just basic furniture. Most of their services are economical.

The price for accommodation also depends on the location of the hostel. Downtown hostels are far more expensive than hostels around the city centre of Prague. So thanks to a very cheap and comfortable public transport in Prague is the best choice a cheap hostel with private facilities not directly in Prague downtown. The price for double room with private bathroom starts at 35 EUR in this location.