Prague Zoo Human-Gorilla Diet Bet

The keeper of Gorillas in Prague Zoo Marek Zdarsky made a bet with his colleagues, he is going to drop weight faster than his ward, the female gorilla Shinda. They both have 105 kilos and aim to get to 90 kilos as fast as possible.

When Zdarsky is going to win the bet, he is going to get a five-litre bottle of champagne. If Shinda drops weight faster, she will get two litres of nature orange juice.

Shinda started to grow slim two weeks ago and Zdarsky made a too tough regime for her. “I was under pressure of my colleagues from Prague Zoo, who were pitting her.” Zdarsky explained why he went for diet.

The gorilla’s diet consist of six kilos of vegetable and twigs for nibbling. Shinda is not by far happy from looking at her fellow gorillas eating kiwis or apples. What diet her keeper uses for himself he didn’t revealed.