Czech Journalist have gained prestigious Emmy award

etzler transmitting from mount everest For a journalist, the Emmy award is of a similar significance as Oscar for actors. Now, a first Czech can show off; the TV reporter Tomas Etzler. The co-worker of the CNN and the Czech TV have gained award for contribution of modern technology development.

Etzker is the only Czech who worked for the CNN and as the first person in the world he used a special satellite modem, which enables transmitting from any place on the Earth. And that is also the reason why he got appreciated.

What used to be a fully equipped news van, is now, in Etzler’s case, only one suitcase. He comments the changes: β€œIn a similar way, in which video used to change films in television, today the digital units change video.”

He first used this system in China. For that, he got the appreciation for “contributing to developing new technologies”.