Beer of the Year: KOZEL

Vyzkumny ustav pivovarsky a sladarsky – The Research institute of Brewery and Maletry organized the annual competition, where the experts try to find the best Czech bear. In 2008 it was the Kozel Medium, the 11° lager from Velke Popovice Brewery. It won closely ahead of Kozel Premium. The third was Litovel Premium from Hana.

Other beers which succeeded among lagers were Zubr, Holba and Patriot. From dark beers it was Rebel and Janecek. The second time in the history of the competition, also the best non-alcoholic beer was decided, again, the best Czech non-alcoholic beer became Radegast Birell.

The journalists choice of 2008 was Pilsner Urquell, followed by Bernard and Gambrinus. In total, 64 labels competed.


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