Vaclav Havel defends USA radar in CR

The Czech ex-president defended the project of the US Radar base in the Czech Republic. Reasons? An ally bond of the CR to its allies. Vaclav Havel expressed his stance to the anti-rocket defence during a forum in London. In the British Library, Havel discussed the topic over the English edition of his book Prosim, Strucne – Briefly, Please. The ex-president belongs to the long-term supporters of the base, he also says Czechs should be grateful to the USA.

“We owe to the USA for many things, for the very existence of our state, and when they want something small, once, something by which we cold repay them a little bit, we are reluctant. That is morally and psychologically very unsympathetic.” said Havel.

At the basis of opinion pools, the opposers of radar still outbalance those in favour. Moscow did its part by financing anti-radar motions. Even when the radar negotiations are on a good way, the time works against it – the elections will be soon and the main supporting political party will probably lose this time.


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