Havel gained German prize Point-Alpha

The selected group of statesmen, who got the prize, gained merit in unity of Germany and Europe. It was given over at the German embassy in Prague by the Kuratorium Deutsche Einheit (KDE). According to it, Vaclav Havel has, in an exemplary way, helped peace, freedom, protection of human rights and dignity.

Havel so got another prestigious international prize for peace. Point-Alpha was before awarded e.g. the Russian ex-president Gorbachev, the German ex-chancellor Helmut Kohl and American ex-president Sr. George Bush. They all contributed to the end of the Cold war.

Havel, according to the organizers, belongs to charismatic models and the most convincing activists of the European motions for freedom of the 2nt half of the 20th century. The president of the Kuratorium Christine Lieberknecht stated Havel deserves the award for his “long-term brave and thanks god successful involvement in struggle for peace, freedom and human rights.”


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