Adolf Born Exhibition in Prague

The exhibition devoted to fifty years of one of the most famous painters in the Czech Republic opens. Hardly any Czech artist is so well known to all the generations like Adolf Born. It is his merry approach to art and life, but also his diligence – he illustrated many books for children and adults alike, he also created models for animated movies – seventy of them(!), the number of books he illustrated is 225.

Born’s production is witty and funny. They deal a lot with the artists passions – literature and travelling. And with the later deals the exhibition in Hollar gallery – the name is “Merry voyage of life (50 years with graphic)”. And you can surely see a honest cut through the artist’s funny-psychedelic-colourful-witty-sexy-creative artwork. Born is the Czech author which legend has settled during his life already.

Hollarova Galerie, Smetanovo nabrezi 6 Prague, Until 19th October everyday exept Monday 10-13 and 14-18.