Money for Blob will used for Depository

The situation around the new national library is far from being closed. Even when Klaus and ODS used all their political pressure to prevent it from building, in the present National Library there is no room for new books, the heads try to solve the situation by building at least new depository. The National Library has bought a parcel in Prague Hostivar and had half a billion czk construction money released. That the money go directly from the fund originally intended for Blob is clear; the shadow minister of culture Jan Cieslar stated: “The ministry disposes total of 2,9 billion czk for Library matters” those are the Blob money.

The parliamentarian of CSSD and the ex-minister of culture Jandak is clear the main problem is reluctance of politicians against Blob: “During my work at the ministry, there was 1,9 billions and we count with another four” The depositary is not a substitute. It will help only in short-term horizon. The Blob will have to wait for the ODS to lose elections.