PENDULUM Australian DnB in Prague

The Australian project originated in 2002, when producers and djs with experiences from metal groups united to lately achieve something no one outside the GB did before – capture the trone of DnB scene.

Their first singles like The Valut or Back To You made by their massive sound a revolution on the DnB scene, and we hear them even today at almost every broken beat party.
Their monumental first album Hold your Colour sold over 250 000 pieces and their remix of legendary track Voodoo People caught attention of the last ignorants.

Pendulum come to Prague first time in the complete set-up.

“We want our music to be an adventurous escape from the reality. Technologies improve, production and recording techniques improve, but something is missing – the original feel of escape from the reality and opening to new adventures, that energy which brought us to electronic music.”

Pendulum say: Turn on the radio and you will hear a dozen of tracks which are either about what everyone encounters every day, or about how you should shake it on the dance floor. It sounds professional, but there is usually nothing behind it, no value added. We would like to hear something new and refreshing, some music taking you to the another galaxy.

The price for the concert is quite higher than usual, but don’t you think to hear Pendulum is worth those 850 in pre-sale and 1000 at the spot? They come to Roxy in Prague … what else to add?


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