Techno Carnival Parade in Prague

About two thousand people in Prague participated on a protest carnival march against infringement of personal liberty. The event called Freedom not Fear started and ended at Prague Stvanice, the participants danced a circle through city. The event was a carnival, so there were various masked folks and decorated cars.

The organizers wanted to alert on the increasing activities of cities and states when monitoring the citizens, which the state and local governments exercise. “The number of camera system in every European city grows without limits out of control. If anyone in power want to monitor someone, it became very easy, also thanks to no limits for tapping”.

The carnivals were invented by international initiative, which took place in more than 20 cities of various countries. The Prague City Hall originally banned it on its intended track, the organizers had to choose an alternative one. Vaclav Sroub of the group entered a lawsuit with the City Hall as a consequence.


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