Kaplicky Refused State Prize, Disgusted by Two-Face Politics

The Architect Jan Kaplicky, the creator of the winning design of the new Czech National library, refused to accept the prestigious prize for contribution to Decorative Art. The prize-giver is the Ministry of Culture, the very same ministry that blocked him from building his winning design. “I consider the prize from the office that inhibits me to fulfill unacceptable.” Kaplicky reasoned his decision to the Culture Minister.

Kaplicky so became the first artist, who refused the significant state prize for an outstanding piece of architecture, by which he brought fame to the architecture in the CR. The reward for Kaplicky, 300 000 czk, the ministry gives to art activities.

Jan Kaplicky has won in the international architectonic contest for the new library, last year in spring. Still, it is not clear whether it will be build at all. The director of the National Library and a supporter of Kaplicky’s design Vlastimil Jezek was called off his position a month ago.