Arnost Lustig was Awarded

The well-known writer of Czech origin Arnost Lustig gained from the hand of Pavel Bem the Prize of Franz Kafka. The annual giver of the prize is the Franz Kafka Society. Their intention is to highlight those important personalities of world literature, who have merit in values of democracy, tolerance and humanism. The prize is given with a reward of 10 000 dollars. “If you would get 10 000 dollars, you would be happy too” the fresh laureate commented his feelings.

Arnost Lustig is the author whose main inspiration is primarily his own life experience. The horrors of holocaust have became the main topic of his short stories, later novels. The most known books are Demanty noci (Diamonds in the night), Modlidba pro Kateřinu Horovitzovou (A Prayer for Katarina Horovitzova) or Dita Saxova. A few of his novels were filmed, in 2003 his novel Krasne Zelene oci (Lovely Green Eyes) was nominated for Pulitzer prize in prosaic category.