Eurokey toilets for disabled; in Prague slowly, but steadily grow

The idea came from Germany twenty years ago, when they wanted to help the disabled and handicapped to ease the access to toilets. Nowadays, hundreds of thousands of people in various countries use it. In Prague, when those on wheelchair want to use a special toilet when going sightseeing need to look it up a bit, but at least the number is increasing.

If someone wants to get the Eurokey, he/she has to be disabled, and fill a simple form at the Disabled union. With intention to help the disabled mobility in Prague were made these toilets:

Slovansky Dum passage
BB Centrum – C Building
Brumlovka bridge – lifts
Regional authority of Middle Bohemia District
Botanical Garden in Troja
Oil Station Lukoil, Prague 9
Shopping centre Hostivar Park
Kotva Shopping Mall
Some Trainstations

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