90 years since Czechoslovakia foundation: military parade in Prague

Prague saw the elite of Czech armed forces. The first military parade after the Velvet Revolution have seen tens of thousands in the metropolis. At the 90th anniversary of origin of independent Czechoslovakia, the Evropska trida in Prague saw marching of more than 2100 persons and the audience also saw 196 pieces of military hardware.

It wasn’t a demonstration of power, but a presentation of top military units and members of the integrated lifeguard system. Such as the yesterday parade, one couldn’t have seen for long 23 years here. During the time, the Czech military have essentially changed. The national service was abandoned and the country has developed a professional army. Even more important was we have became a member of NATO.

Our soldiers have proven many times we belong to the NATO alliance, as we have really time-proven top units. But the fact we really need the army was shown a few years ago the most, when our country was stricken with devastating floods. We still remember, how the army with firemen were helping for many days non-stop.

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