Czech Radar Matter Put Simply: Russia or USA?

The whole debate around the radar can be indeed put that simply: To which area of power want the CR to belong? Fools, irresponsible pacifists and people linked to Russia will say: we do not want to belong to any groupement of power. This answer guarantee to Russia they have a chance of returning one day. This is the way our world works, there are no neutral paradises, and for small countries, especially for those ‘in the middle of the road’ will always be necessary to unite with a strong country.

Those people who protest so vehemently against the radar should ask themselves: Which radar do I want? To protest against the US is easy, when we live in a country which is democratic thanks mostly to the USA. When there will be the Russian radar build, there will be no protests, as the protesters will be locked up, or worse.

The arguments, which country is better are clear to everyone, and still, the opposition CSSD which won the election, now want to close the radar negotiations, a few steps from the approval. But they may make a real mistake – their government will be there for four years, but the question, where the country goes is much more important and long term. If they say they do not want the radar, they should say openly: I don’t want the Radar, I like the way of government Russia has. And behave according to it.



  1. Andy said, Oct 30, 03:11 PM #

    Being an American living abroad, I am the first to criticize the US for many of its policies but I have to say you have hit the nail on the head here.

    In the current world climate, it is necessary to chose so given that necessary choice, I think most Czechs would choose ally their country with the US instead of Russia.

    Your point that making no choice is a choice for Russia is a good one. While the US may be an aggressive country, it is in no position to use aggressive influence on another Nato member nation. Russia is not bound by such contraints.