Skoda auto stops production in December, too

The situation in the biggest Czech company becomes acute. Skoda Auto in Mlada Boleslav has to reduce the production again, it is stopped for November, now newly also for December. The pressure of finantial crisis and downturn of sales has obviously reflected on delivery time of the automobiles. Those have shortened form six weeks to ten-twelve days.

The employees have negotiated through unions 75% of wages during their unexpected holidays.

Why was Czech Skoda Auto stroke with the crisis? It kept the prices for cars incredibly high for Czech environment. It is nice to know Skodas sell well abroad, where are 5x higher salaries, but for Czechs they have been expensive for quite a long time. Even when they made them cheaper of sometimes 100.000 czk nowadays, it is not enough by far. Until Skoda realize it should be ordinary Czechs who buy Skoda cars, not Czech profiteers, the situation won’t change.

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