I am sad to say Vaclav Klaus doesn't have to care what he does anymore

Because Klaus has been voted the president again, there are another 4 years of reign for him. What is he going to do? Talking negatively about things people want, talking positively about himself, this will never change. When was the ex-president of the US Bill Clinton asked in 1998 about his Lewinska affair he answered on question why he did that very directly – “because I could”. That is what Klaus could say now as the reason for boycotting of the Lisbon treaty in the parliament – because he can … or does he like to be in the centre of attention? Why he goes against one of the long-term goal of the Czech government? Until now, there is only one valid reason – to kick into him despised government and its Prime Minister. What is this attitude going to bring us during the EU Chairmanship I am afraid to think of. This event is a huge chance to show the world we are not a stupid slow island, that we have learned many since the 1989 and that we are able sit by the round table with the others. And now, imagine Klaus attacking everything by his comments, risking a failure of the whole country. Why would he do that? Because he can….


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