Parouberk Brings Communists back to Power in the Czech Republic

Paroubek explains, why his party decided, after won regional elections, to reign together with the communists. He always says something like he is not really exited with having the communist around, but as the other parties do not wish to cooperate, he is ging to govern with what he has. He said for MF Dnes: “People will get used to them. If it is going to work fine, people won’t want to change.”

Let me translate it for you: – I am not exited from cooperating with the commies, but people can get used to them like they did before. – and explained once more it would be: – If it is going to work in regions without people complaining and/or demonstrating, it means people are ready for us to form the government after 2010 with the communists in the parliament. –

When Jiri Paroubek is asked, whether he is going to form the government with them, he says: “if they are going to change a bit, I may consider that.”

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