Ed Rush & Optical Tonite in Prague

You don’t know what to do on today evening? Why not come to a world-class dnb party? Ed Rush & Optical met in 1998, when they had many experiences with the biggest names of the time. But by founding the Virus label they established a dictate, which lasts in many respects until today. Their album Wormhole and the Matrix Sleepwalk they set the world in fire, making themselves one of the most important persons of dnb. Every one of their singles was played over and over in clubs, the album The Creeps only underlined how good they are.

At the present time there is the kicking Pacman remix and we can look forward to a new album. Today in Prague we can hear them both, the last time this summer came only Ed Rush for the festival Summer of Love. Today, they come both to show the sound, which became the top one of many drum and bass fans.

Prostor Abaton, Na Kosince 8, Prague, 21th November 2008. Ed Rush & Optical in Prague