Russia offered USA Joint Shield – This may be Turning Point of Radar Negotiations

The Russian president Medvedev announced they put great hopes into the new American administrative. Moscow is ready to negotiate with the USA about the anti-rocket shield in the middle Europe. Medvedev said it in his Saturday speech. At the same time, he added Moscow is not going to attack as the first against the Czech and Poland radar bases, which is the first time Russian representative doesn’t spit out threats as he speaks.

The highest Russian representative also promised the USA a dialogue about creating the united programme of the anti-rocket defense, which could be backed by the Russian Radar placed in Azerbaidzhan.

That the bases in Poland and Czech Republic will be build once seems more distant every day. Even when the contracts were signed by the US and the CR in August, now it waits to be agreed on by European Parliament. The speeches against were made by not only by Berlusconi, but also the Czech left wing now gains power, plus there is strong lobby paid by Russia which made a lot of people disagree with the construction.