Stereo MCs concert in Prague

This year record ‘Double Bubble’ loyalty makes the ‘Stereo MCs sound, like the audience knows and loves it.

The Brixton group Stereo MCs comes back! Their another concert n our metropolis comes only a few months after they introduced their new record Double Bubble. The Stereo MCs, frequently labelled one of the most cultivated music groups of Britain, they were many time nominated for Brit Awards and Mercury Music Prize, sold millions of records and now they are back to prove they are still the same pioneers and party-makers like years ago.

After two years on tour, behind the turntables and in their Frontline Studio there is the Double Bubble, another record which is not possible to describe by the typical genre pigeon-hole. To refresh the Stereo MCs sound helped the 19yo producer Tic Toc, and their music sounds new again and it is clear, Stereo MCs don’t rest on their laurels. The first single Gringo can be heard in the air, and watched in TV with the virtual reality video.

Pre-sale Ticketpro 620 czk, at the spot 790.

The new and old songs by Stereo Mc wait for you in Roxy on Sunday 30th November 2008 in Prague club Roxy.