Christmas beers start to be sold in Prague

The number of beer exhibitions grow usually before Christmas in all the breweries, the tooth of people for something unusual, which they cannot have for the rest of the year, grows as well. The taste for experimenting with something unique, which you can’t have during the year, grows. Those look for the Christmas beers.

Where to they have them? You have to go to some small breweries, which you must look up, however, just a small illustration – at Strahov they brew 20° dark special, in the brewery U Bulovky they distribute two half-dark 17° beers with soft flavour of Christmas spices and herbs, i.e. cinnamon. The Beer house U Bansethu in Nusle brews 15° dark honey beer. The real classic among Prague Christmas beers is the already traditional vanilla beer, served with a sweet vanilla baby roll.

If you don’t know where to go, you can go Pivovarsky klub in Karlin, where they have a lot of Christmas special beers from other local breweries, from Broumov, from Rakovnik… a lot of choices.


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